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Marketing Turns to the Web as .Com turns 25

March 15th, 1985 – Two and a half decades ago, when the first .com was awarded, there was no advertising on the Web.

Now it looks as if Internet advertising is set to take over take print advertising in the United States. According to a survey by research firm Outsell Inc. of more than 1,000 US advertisers, companies plan to spend nearly $120 billion on online and digital strategies, from search engine keywords to seminars on the web, while they plan to spend about $112 billion on print strategies such as newspaper and magazine ads. (

“Advertisers are directing dollars toward the channels which generate the most qualified leads and most effective branding. As they emerge from the recession, they need more accountability, and they’re spreading their spending over a widening set of options,” said Chuck Richard, Vice President and Lead Analyst, Outsell.

If the forecast holds true, the U.S. will follow the UK, which became the first major economy where advertisers spent more on Internet advertising than on TV advertising, with a record £1.75bn online spent in the first six months of 2009, according to

The .com world may only be 25, but as the shift in advertising dollars shows that it is growing up fast.

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