SEO for a Property Management Company

Client objectives

To increase their local presence with a new website and domain name.  This company has been in business since early 2000 providing a valuable property management service for property investors.  Only until 2014, the company decided to focus more on the Internet to drive new prospects and property investors to use them as their management organization servicing large apartment complexes and multi-tenant facilities. The results after the first 6 months are impressive and work is still in progress.

Contract started: March 2014


03/01 – 03/31: First 30 days of project
Keyword research, account creations, & on-site optimization. Add analytics code and tracking code to establish baseline

04/01 – 04/30: Month 2
Write & Published articles, press releases, social bookmarking, document sharing

05/01 – 05/31: Months 3 & 4
Social bookmarking and Keywords added to our infrastructure

06/01 – present: Remainder months:
Each month we create unique article writing, PR writing, blog posts, social bookmarking, document sharing, multimedia creation and video creation. Once approved by the client, we then distribute and share this content to targeted and approved locations.  Additional backlinks created to relevant areas we have exclusive access to and are naturally applied over time.  This creates a perfect storm for our clients where each form of media presented to the various locations tells the crawlers that our client’s message is important.

First 3 Months Results Comparison

Comparing: 03/01 – 05/31 (previous 3 months) vs. 06/01 – 08/31 (next 3 months)


  Organic traffic: +126%
Direct Navigation: +6%
 Referral Traffic: +57%
Sessions: +70% (from 1,618 to 2,753)         New Users: +85% (from 1,233 to 2,243)




Noticed a positive increase in traffic, sessions, users, pageviews and new sessions. We also noticed that during this same period, pages per session dropped slightly from an average of 3.22 pages viewed to 2.83 pages which has an impact on the visitor duration which went from an average of 2.35 minutes to 1.48 minutes. The result was an increase in bounce rate from 44% to 50%, a difference of about 6%. In regards to Organic traffic specifically, total sessions increased by 126% from 742 to 1,680. New users for Organic traffic also increased by a significantly by 134% from 586 to 1,373. Organic traffic also beat out the average duration by about 10% and the pages per session by about 3% but was a contributor in the higher bounce rate by about 9%.


6 Month Checkpoint comparing last 2 full weeks (March vs. September)

Comparing: 03/16 – 03/29 vs. 09/14 – 09/27 (Last 2 full week in each month)


  Organic traffic: +449%
Direct Navigation: +26%
 Referral Traffic: +75%
Sessions: +179% (from 145 to 404)         New Users: +230% (from 103 to 340)



We continue to notice an increase in Organic traffic, direct navigation and referral traffic.  Bounce rate  has overall increased but significantly decrease for Organic traffic by 22.11% from 59% to 46%.  This goes the same for the Pages per Session where we identified an overall decrease in pages per session but in regards to Organic traffic, there was a significant increase by 27%.



Baseline comparison vs. October 2014

  Organic Traffic: 76 / 408 (Increase in +537%)
Direct Navigation: 84 / 200 (Increase in +238%)
 Referral Traffic: 41 / 145 (Increase in +354%)

Theses results continue to show a significant improvement from where the client started.  We know the right combination and solution for the clients we work with.  Our objective is to show our clients their potential, and enhance their exposure to reinforce their products or services.  The future trending for property management services is not yet determined with less than a year of stats and data may be cyclical or trend differently during different parts of the year. We see a nice increase from the original baseline comparing March and October and we do see a slightly lower total duration on-site which could be a direct results of the time of year (cyclical) or the visitor is finding what they need more quickly and ending up on the appropriate page they’re looking for.

To find out more on how we do this for our clients or how we can do this for your company as a reseller for your clients, please contact us for more information to learn more about what we can do.