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Enabling Mobile Device Compatibility for your Website

We all know Google looks at your website and would like to see a mobile version of your site.  Well, we have put together a program for our Clients to use us to make this happen.

Use this service as a quick and simple way to create a mobile-friendly version for your website. Upon enabling this service, your website would display as simple icons on any mobile device. These icons would display essential information pertaining to your website such as location, products, phone, e-mail.

If a mobile device user visits your website (such as from a mobile device, then they will automatically be redirected to a sub-domain of your existing domain name (such as This allows your mobile users an experience similar to desktop users.

Setting up your website’s mobile version does not take much effort from your side and can be set up in minutes. The content of this new website gets picked up directly from your existing website.


Configure the Mobile Service for your Website

To Add a DNS CNAME Record for your Domain Name

To allow the mobile version of your website to be redirected to the mobile view servers, you need to add a CNAME Record as follows: CNAME {clientdomain}


For the website, the CNAME Record needs to be set as: CNAME

To Setup Mobile Device Detection on your Website

To allow your website to recognize if your website is being viewed on a mobile device and then redirect your website visitor to your new mobile website, you need to insert any one of the following code snippets typically in the <head>, depending upon the existing web application used by your website:

  • JS Script : Call this script in the <body>as detailed below:
          <body onload=”browserDetection()”>
  • C# Script
  • .NET Script
  • JSP Script


  • These scripts have been created using open source mobile phone detection software. You may easily source scripts available in other web application software and tweak them, while referring the above-mentioned scripts.
  • At present, you may not modify the content of your mobile-enabled website through an interface. It gets picked up automatically from your existing website.
  1. Download the JS Mobile Detection script
  2. Download the C Sharp Mobile Detection script
  3. Download the .NET Mobile Detection script
  4. Download the JSP Mobile Detection script
  5. Download any other Open Source Mobile Detection Script for your website


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