Why it Works

Converg uses our own proprietary strategies and methodologies that essentially mimics the natural behavior of the Internet when buzz about a topic is occurring to help increase our client’s search engine optimization organically through custom SEO services.

The Converg competitive advantage is key for any company looking for SEO services which set’s Converg apart from any new start-up SEO company.  We continuously monitor and watch for new changes in how the major Search Engines are ranking our clients and work to help increase and maintain our client’s positions.  For example, for 2012 and beyond, our own LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Technique for anchor text is the best answer to Google’s new constant changes in the search engine algorithm.  We monitor and manage our client’s keywords to help ensure efficient changes.

The Converg Search Engine Optimization Methodologysearch engine optimization and seo services

For example, let’s say Apple launches a new product.   First of all, you will see major news and press releases reporting about the launch.   Afterwords, blogs and forums will show increased activity about the new product, and you will also see social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have increased activity on the discussion of this new product.  Furthermore, articles are written and back links are created to the new product page.

When this happens, Google has no choice but to put the new Apple product on the top ranking every time people search for it.  It is illogical to have other sites at the #1 ranking.

How we Execute our SEO Services & Search Engine Optimization Strategy

What Converg does with it’s SEO Services in executing this strategy is simulating this type of breaking news and increased activity, naturally and algorithmically. Google sees the web from a collective point of view.  We want Google to catch the idea that our client’s site is the main focus for their keywords and that everyone searching for their keywords must be looking for our client’s site.  When this happens, our client’s rank will improve substantially.  This is the reason why we always start campaigns with a press release, followed by social media, article writing and natural back linking.  Here is a more detailed overview of our services.

Our Search Engine Optimization Competitive Advantage through custom SEO Services

No other search engine optimization company in the world has access to the infrastructure that we have.  Converg has exclusive access to over .5 million unique visitors each month that come across thousands of our properties and 95% of them are from the United States / North America.  This infrastructure has been in the works for over 15 years.  The experience of the Converg founder, Shane Kinsch and our employees has been a leading force in developing new proprietary methodologies that have placed Fortune 1000 companies in the top rankings of all the major search engines.

White Label Services

Whether you are a full-service Ad Agency or a Web Design company, we provide white labeled reports and emails with you in mind.  All reports you receive will be in a format for you to remove our logo.  The Monthly Executive Summary will have your logo on the report and provide information about your company to the client.  The reports can be sent to you or to the client directly (under your email address and from your email server).  If you are interested in our white labeled SEO services, please contact us for more information.

Contact us today to find out how we can increase your revenue online.  Here is a more detailed overview of our services.  We have an extensive Competitive Advantage over other search engine optimization companies utilizing our SEO services through proprietary methodologies.