SEO Services – Overview

An overview of our general SEO Services are covered below.  We strive to ensure that we cover all forms of popular media so that unique and relevant content is created and published under our client’s accounts, naturally over time.  Think of Converg as your Internet marketing consulting firm, taking care of the things you should be doing yourself, but don’t have the time or resources to do it.

The list of services will change depending on the client’s competition and focused keywords they choose.  It will also change as we see more value for our clients with different forms of media or services.

Initial Setup

Once we start working with a new client, we want to identify current traffic sources and add our own Analytic code along with Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools (Google and Bing) and monitor the site for a week or two.  Once we have enough data, we go through extensive keyword research expanding on the client’s keywords, their competition and other possibly missed keywords.  This information is pulled from about 3 different sources then aggregated into a comprehensive spreadsheet that we review with the client.  Knowing additional information from the client such as conversion rate on their website and the value of a new client helps put a real ROI value to the proper choice of keywords we focus on.

Social Media Profile Setup w/Mini Pages

We will create (if not already created) social profiles with basic customized information such as a logo and backlink to the client’s website in the top 25 Social Media websites.

Video Production, Distribution, Embedding & Bookmarking

We will create a high quality video outlining client’s business with a voice-over and professional spokesperson.  A script will be provided to the client for prior approval and the video can be embedded within client’s website and will be distributed to various video locations, embedded to another group of video websites and finally video bookmarked and shared to about 50 more locations.  More information on our Video Distribution services here.

Enhanced Business Listing

Detailed business listing information will be created in the top 30 most popular business directories with URL, images, videos, maps and specific information about the business along with creating a positive review about client’s business and promote that as well.  In addition, if the client is a B2B company, we will then include the client’s business information in the top 5 B2B websites.  In conclusion, we will submit client’s business details to about 500 additional locations and business directories.

Speed Test Audit

We analyze and provide recommendations to increase the client’s website page speed for our targeted landing pages and homepage.

On-Page SEO Audit

We will analyze the client’s website “On-Page SEO” for today’s best-practices and provide an extensive review of necessary changes.


Ongoing Services

Once the on-site/on-page changes are completed for the keyword map we’re working with, we then start the monthly and bi-monthly work.  This ongoing effort ensures that our clients are important for their industry by reinforcing their relevant content and information publicly each month.

Delayed & Dedicated Social Bookmarking

Dedicated accounts will be created in the most popular Social Bookmarking platforms for the client.  Afterwards & each month, excerpts about client’s keywords and business information will be slowly added to social bookmarking sites over the monthly period vs all at once.  This provides for a more natural behaviour in sharing information.

Premium Article writing and Distribution

Posting to the top 100 Article Directories with at least 50 approved for each article per month.

Advanced Press Releases

Bi-Monthly, we will create and distribute a newsworthy press release about the client’s business and services.  In addition we provide live links, featured listings, news bookmarks and news syndications.

Multimedia Content Creation & Promotion

Bi-monthly, It’s about creating business presentations in the form of slideshows, PDF or word docs and get them published in document hosting sites like slideshare. Client created whitepapers and case studies can also be turned into downloadable contents in the form of ppts for business promotion. This is capable of having a wider reach among client’s target audience to generate more traffic.

Video Creation, Distribution, Embedding & Bookmarking

Bi-monthly, we will create a New standard Video and provide and distribute it to the top 25 video distribution locations, then Embed that same video in 25 other locations.  Once that is complete, we will take those links and Bookmark & Share those with about 50 more sites.  We will create the promotional video bi-monthly and target 1 keyword per video.  Additional standard videos are professional but have no voice-over or our spokesperson.  As an example, you can see a few of our videos here.

Link Promotion

After we submit the client’s business information into directories, Article distribution sites, Press Release news sites, Video Distribution locations, Video Embedding sites, Video Bookmarking sites, Social Bookmarking sites, Document Sharing websites and other various tasks, we provide Link Reports.  Link Reports are reports provided to the client showing where that content is actually published on the Internet.  As we create link reports throughout the month, we will tell multiple search engines, popular crawlers and blog sites that there is something new to look at on the Internet, telling them about each of the new links that were created due to our work.

Monthly Executive Summary Reports

Each month, clients will receive a report showing their baseline (where they started) in Organic Traffic, Referral Traffic and Direct Navigation traffic.  It will also baseline their keyword rankings along with collateral keywords we’re tracking.  The report will have custom notes to the client about any changes or upcoming issues we foresee and will also contain additional keyword suggestions.

Detailed Reporting

During the month and as tasks are completed, detailed reports are created and saved to a shared client area for the client to review.  This secure shared document directory is key in following the tasks and work being done each month.  From here, the client will see weekly activity as tasks are completed such as articles for review, press releases that need to be modified or link reports.  We often save screenshots of distributions to show our clients the details that go into the tasks at hand.  This is probably one of the most important pieces here.  We document and show the client where their information has been submitted to, the links that were created and the username/password of the accounts that we used.  This is so that if later on, the client would like to continue to distribute content themselves, they can using the accounts we provisioned.

In Addition, we usually Recommend…

+ On-site Blog setup, monthly writing and postings
+ Responsive website design of homepage and 3 critical pages if site is not responsive now
+ Schema Integration where it makes sense into the clients’ website