Converg Call-Tracking & Call-Measurement Setup Guide

Step 1:

Replace every instance of your phone number on your website with the anchor number that you have provisioned here, in addition, ensure that no phone numbers on the site are in static images.  (contact your account manager if you need assistance).

Once you have completed this step, be sure to remove any other numbers including vanity numbers and any numbers embedded in an image.  Failure to remove additional numbers will distort the reporting and give inaccurate results on calls generated from your website.


Step 2:

Place this JavaScript on your site.

Place this script below on every page of your site above the closing body tag </body>. This script will be used for every website where you install our call tracking.


Step 3:

Update Google Analytics to track inbound calls by setting up Goals for your reports.  This information can be found on how to do this here: Converg Call Tracking for Google Analytics Guide.