Lead Generation

Maximize your Online Presence by using our services to track every dollar you spend!


As most businesses know, if you’re not able to capture leads, why even have a web page?   We provide the resources in lead generation and help you convert visitors into clients.

Conversion Optimization

Did you know that you’re 100x more likely to speak with a lead if called back within 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes?

Afterwards, 43% never respond and 78% of sales went to the 1st company to respond!  So Respond quickly!

It’s important to keep in track with your customers and with lead generation and conversion optimization, we’re here to help keep you on track!

Call Tracking for Lead Generation

With our Call Tracking technology services, we’re able to assign you a telephone number out of the vast blocks of phone numbers we have in any location you need to provide you details on how effective your offline media buys are.  In other words, if you run a Radio ad or TV ad, we can assign 2 separate phone numbers to those campaigns to help you determine how many calls you received from each one.  This way, you can see how effective this form of lead generation really is.




Lead Generation through “Sliders”

Our Lead Capturing through on-site “sliders” are an excellent way to

have the visitor input basic information about themselves so that you can contact them easily.  Instead of a full page form, this non-intrusive slider is a basic form that provides basic information to get the visitor to engage with you.  This is a primary form of lead generation that you should utilize to convert your visitors.


Generating Leads through Instant Chat

Our Instant Chat Services helps you engage your visitors as they view your website.  Using our instant messaging helps answer their questions along with providing you with additional information on the types of visitors coming to your website and where they came from instantly.


Lead Generation via Local Directory Promotion

Our presence on the Internet provides us with a vast amount of Local Directories and sites that are excellent for lead generation.  We have either partnered with or have exclusive access to (such as  and OKC.com).  By placing your business in those directories as an enhanced listing, your website receives the added benefit of an authoritative backlink and importance by the search engines.


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