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The Converg Mobile App Promotion and Submission Service We will Promote your mobile apps at the right places, to the most popular directories for the iPhone, Android  and Windows platforms.

As it becomes more and more competitive to release apps to the public on mobile phones and tablets every day, it’s hard to be successful in releasing your apps and getting the right exposure to the right people.  Thousands of applications are introduced to the app markets every day.  It’s a crowded places for mobile apps and the lack of visibility in the crowd will not get your app to the right people.  Even if you you have a great app, it wouldn’t be of any use if people can find it or isn’t using it.

The great news here is that there’s a large number of mobile application directories that categorize applications and help smart phone users find what you have.  The benefit of us promoting your app here is that your applications get more popular and you get valuable back links from these sites.  App directories are somewhat new and a perfect opportunity to gain authoritative links back into your site.

The Converg Mobile App Promotion and Submission Service

Currently we offer the following mobile app promotion & submission services

 iPhone Apps Directory Submission Service

 Android Apps Directory Submission Service

 Blackberry Apps Directory Submission Service

 Windows Apps Directory Submission Service



One of the most searched application marketplaces on the web is the iPhone.  With hundreds of apps released every day we will promote your mobile app for any version of the iPhone and manually submit it to the top 50 most popular iPhone app directories.  These directories receive a huge number of visitors looking for iPhone applications and are frequently indexed in Google.



Your Android game or application will be made popular by distribution to the android mobile apps directories and will help gain more users for your android application.  Our research has found what the 25 top most popular mobile directories are for the android is and and will submit your app under the appropriate category with detailed information and description.



RIM (Research In Motion) has moved from a business-only Blackberry phone to one that is becoming popular with the younger generation.  With the increase in application development for the Blackberry, apps are in more demand and to market your app online, we will distribute your Blackberry application to specialized Blackberry Apps directories online.



Our research has identified the top 25 most popular and renowned Windows Application Directories where we will distribute your Windows App information using our proprietary Windows Application Submission service.   You obviously want to increase your exposure online to your Windows App, now you can help your business grow by using this service.



Our Process in Mobile App Promotion consists of the following:

1) We will help create a Press Release for your App and once approved, will distribute this Press Release to 90 Press Release directories, promoting your new app.

2) We will then utilize the information you provide about your application and submit it to the most popular and specific application directories based around your category and industry.

3) Our deliverables will include the following:

    • Initial Press Release Draft
    • The final Press Release distribution with screen shots and Excel report to 90 PR Directories
    • Email account details and Excel report of the Specific Mobile Application Directories where your app was submitted to
    • Screenshot of each Mobile App Directory submission showing the information about your app completed.

Mobile App Promotion & submission can be critical in your overall marketing campaign and using Converg to perform these tasks for you will help ensure your app success.


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