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    Converg Media is a professional digital public relations firm based in Kansas City specializing in achieving high organic search rankings for our clients on the Internet's major search properties. We do this by utilizing exclusive access to Internet resources that we have acquired for over 15 years. The experience of its founder and employees have been a leading force in developing highly effective and proprietary search engine optimization and marketing methodologies that have placed Fortune 1000 companies in the top rankings of the world's major search properties. The Converg SEO Company brings together the "three Cs" -- Computing, Communications, and Content.

  • Why Traditional Media is Failing

    A new survey of business marketers from Forrester Research says that 60% of those surveyed intend to increase their interactive marketing budgets by shifting money away from traditional media.  Read more here...
  • The $684 billion Internet economy

    At $684 billion, the Internet has grown to the point that it contributes more to the U.S. economy than the agricultural, construction and education sectors as well as the federal government itself  Read more here...
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  • Digital Media Buying -- Converg is a digital media strategy & negotiation firm providing a single solution for real-time digital media buying, ad-serving, targeting, optimization, and measurement. Read more about our Media Buying...
  • Search Engines Strategies -- As a Digital and Social Public Relations Company, Converg uses our own proprietary strategies and methodologies that essentially mimic the natural behavior of the Internet when buzz about a topic is occurring. Google sees the web from a collective point of view. We want search engines to catch the idea that our client’s website is the main focus for their keywords. Read more about our SEO Services
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