Recently, Google announced forwarding numbers for their AdWords Adverting platform to help better bridge the gap between when someone views a Google Ad and clicks, then calls a special phone number displayed on the websites and identifies the click-through coming from the Ad within their Analytic reports. New Conversion Type uses Google Forwarding Numbers … many customers […]

  NOTE: Converg clients are doing very well with the latest update and algorithm changes like these only help increase our clients positions.   So, who’s who? Panda Penguin Hummingbird First Launched 24 Feb 2011 (last updated in May 2014) 24 April 2012 (new updated is expected soon) August 2013 Also known as Farmer update Web […]

Visually see how Google AdWords auctions work by reviewing this Infographic to help you better understand how the Quality Score affects cost

Original Penguin Update:   Tuesday, April 24th, was a day that seemed normal until, a reasonably noticeable drop in rankings changed things. What did Google do?  Could it have been another, more aggressive version of Panda? A part of the “no ads above the fold” algorithm change? Maybe it was the famed and feared over-optimization […]

At $684 billion in 2010, the Internet has grown to the point that it contributes more to the U.S. economy than the agricultural, construction and education sectors as well as the federal government itself, per a Boston Consulting Group study. The 4.7% the Internet generated ties Japan for fourth place in its percentage of gross domestic product, behind the U.K., South Korea and China.