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Category Archives: Industry News

Google SEO Vs. Bing SEO – What’s the Difference?

Amongst the search engines that are available today, Google and Bing are the most popular choices on the internet. However, most businesses prefer…
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The Biggest Web Design Trends of 2017 – A Look-back

The web is constantly changing and evolving, and trends are the driving factors for change and push an industry forward for the better…
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Tips to Draft a Long Lasting SEO Strategy

Strategizing search engine optimization in Kansas City includes paces, reliance and contemplation throughout. It is essential that you “see” the strategy in an…
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Amazing Tricks to Dominate the Local Search

Do you know that 91% of the users would never go past the first result page of the Google? Also, the first three…
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Google Introduces Website Call Conversions

Recently, Google announced forwarding numbers for their AdWords Adverting platform to help better bridge the gap between when someone views a Google Ad…
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General Google Algorithm Search Updates

  NOTE: Converg clients are doing very well with the latest update and algorithm changes like these only help increase our clients positions.  …
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How Does the Google AdWords Auction Work?

Visually see how Google AdWords auctions work by reviewing this Infographic to help you better understand how the Quality Score affects cost
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Google’s Penguin Update

Original Penguin Update:   Tuesday, April 24th, was a day that seemed normal until, a reasonably noticeable drop in rankings changed things. What…
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The $684 billion Internet economy

At $684 billion in 2010, the Internet has grown to the point that it contributes more to the U.S. economy than the agricultural,…
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