The Biggest Web Design Trends of 2017 – A Look-back

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The web is constantly changing and evolving, and trends are the driving factors for change and push an industry forward for the better – Web design is no different! The world of web design moves pretty darned quickly, and this time of the year is the right time to look back the trends that have emerged so far. Here we have discussed top five web design trends in Kansas City that are dominating right now.

Artificial Intelligence

In 2017, the media has flooded us with stories about the cool, sci-fi possibilities of AI. Through technologies such as chatbots, Artificial Intelligence has already made its way into mainstream web design. Yes, we might be using AI in our day-to-day activities without even knowing it. Today, Artificial Narrow Intelligence is playing a significant role in driving voice assistants like Google Home and Apple’s Siri, and other recommendation technologies in smart home devices, self-driving cars, and other chatbots.

It is also expected that the if-this-then-that user flow created by web designers to play a major role in the evolution of “Artificial General Intelligence.”

A Move from Visuals to Text

The rise of conversational user interfaces has levied more focus on text in new apps shifting the focus from the visual design of interfaces. This trend is only expected to grow as time marches on as web designers continue to emphasize on words. This is clearly explained by Stuart Langridge in his talk as “We don’t need artists; we need poets. Authors. Wordsmiths.”

CSS in JavaScript

The rise of CSS in JavaScript and new JavaScript frameworks is the result of the increasing variety of experiences that web designers need to create.  CSS Modules is typically chosen by developers who want locally-scoped styles without buying into CSS-in-JS. The practical benefits of including CSS in JavaScript are,

  • Scoped styles
  • Critical CSS
  • Smarter optimizations
  • Package management
  • Non-browser styling

Prototyping Tools

The escalation of prototype tools is a windfall to capture the hearts and minds of web designers with new tools to help them prototype websites, apps, and other interfaces. Not a day has passed in 2017 without coming across a new app, and this diversity in prototyping tools is great news for web designers who are looking for one that works out the best for them.


Windows has been the dominant operating system for people accessing the web. But, now this has become a thing of past. Wondering why? For the first time in the history, Android has overtaken Microsoft in terms of total internet usage across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile combined in April 2017.

In 2012, the percentage of global internet usage share of Android was only 2.4% but now it has reached the soaring height of 37.93 per cent market share in just five years span. If you have recognized the importance of mobile-first design, then this statistics should not be any surprise to you!

Responsive web design and building progressive web apps, changes customers’ mobile behavior and web designer’s attitude to create a web design in Kansas City that actually works for them.


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