SEO is an ever-changing strategy, but offers lots of opportunities to those who yearn to succeed in digital marketing at Kansas City. As there is no definite plan for SEO, you must learn how to adapt to changes. Here let us catch up on the latest SEO trends in this year, Emergence of voice search […]

A content audit means conducting a research on all the contents of a website to see whether they fit with the customer requirements and the objectives of the organization. It is an effective way to determine if there are any ongoing issues in your existing content strategy and helps deciding on the possibilities of future […]

No matter the type of your business, it pays to have a formidable online presence. But just creating a company website would not guarantee you any success. In addition to that, you also need to optimize your web contents so that the search engine displays your website in the top results when someone searches for […]

Do you know that 46% of all Google searches are local? So, if you do not spend adequate resources and time on developing Local Search Engine Optimization for your business, you could miss a lucky chance every time a person shops products or hires services online. Basically, Local SEO in Kansas City is not much […]

Search engines for a long time have been reliant on links to improve rankings for websites. However, in the recent times, search engines have begun to lean on to a more accurate ranking signal – brand mentions. Leading websites such as Wikipedia, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and more typically use nofollow outgoing links, because they don’t want […]

Google has recently announced that its Chrome browser will display the not secure warning for websites that do not have the https protocol. But that is not just the only reason why companies should shift their websites from http to https. It was also disclosed by Google that it would award a boost in ranking […]

After brainstorming ideas for creating a quality content, you need to devise a very effective content marketing plan to obtain return on your investment. To get the attention of your readers and drive more traffic to your website, follow these 5 effective marketing strategies recommended by a leading digital marketing agency in Kansas City today. […]

Amongst the several factors that impact the ranking of a website, webpage loading speed plays a crucial role. Webpage speed should never be forgotten while optimizing your website.  Optimizing page speed can determine the possibilities of achieving your goals. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider website loading speed for SEO in Kansas City: […]

In 2017, one of the most popular topics was video marketing. Every marketer was in a rush to find unique tricks that help them to incorporate video into their marketing strategies. But, what would be the hottest trend in 2018? With the growing popularity of smart speakers and personal assistants, maybe it’s time for SEO […]

Albeit Instagram and Snapchat have presented a new way for brands to experiment with video, YouTube still has 5 billion videos being watched on its platform on a daily basis and it continues to be the king of visual content. Lately, YouTube has been in the headlines, obviously not for the positive reasons. Here we […]