6 Secrets Used By Social Media Marketing Pros to Create Converting Facebook Ad Designs

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One of the most practical tools that help social media marketing agencies in Kansas City to find, build, nurture and convert new audiences on mobile and desktop is Facebook. It has become as an integral part of every digital marketing strategies.

With a plethora of powerful new targeting features in Facebook, the social network ad spent on a social network has been increased by several billions of dollars with the majority of it coming from Facebook.

Having a great Facebook ad design is as important as getting your ads to pop. Here we have listed a few new secrets that pros use in 2017 to create great Facebook ad designs.

Understand the Psychology of Color

Failing to understand the psychological powers of different colors and using them to your advantage can push you to miss out on a vital creative force that every top Facebook ads pro is using. According to a study revealed by Management Decision, “90% of all the snap judgments that we make about products can be traced back to color.”

Science-backed Trends in How People Perceive Colors

Age Factor

Our preferences toward colors change towards the darker and cooler colors of shorter wavelength than bright, long-wave colors, as we age. For example, older people are attracted more towards colors like blue, purple, and green while younger people are attracted towards bright and attractive colors like yellow, red, and orange.

Thumbs Down to Orange

Recent research on comparing color preferences across 232 people from 22 countries has found that most people heavily dislike the color orange followed by purple, yellow, and brown.

Appropriateness and Fit

The color you choose should match well to the product that we are looking at. So, before deciding on a color to use, think about the likes and dislikes of customers, the market you are selling to and what your customers are expecting from you.

Location-Specific Imagery

The biggest benefit of Facebook ads is it is effortless to set up multiple campaigns all targeting different geographic regions. Only by changing the content of your ads to suit the geographic location you are targeting, you can fully capitalize on the power of Facebook Ads.

The Power of Freebies

Yes, customers are always on the lookout for free! This single trigger word makes everything around it more attractive and enticing to reach. When used in advertising rightly, it can be an incredibly effective technique that sets your ad stand out from other ads.


Using customer testimonials makes your Facebook ads more compelling and leads to better sales. “The best sales don’t come from direct sales but recommendations,” remember this cliché? It is not far from the truth.

Use Faces in Images

A study reveals that there’s even a particular group of cells in our brains that fire only when we see a face. This psychological effect that causes human to look for faces in everyday objects is called as pareidolia.

Yes, people love to see faces, so use it in your Facebook ads and streamline your social media marketing in Kansas City to get more reach.

Finally, include scarcity and urgency to your ads to grab hold of your audience’s attention with an eye-catching deal that they just can’t pass up.

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